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Threshold represents many of the nations largest electric utilities and industry leading energy implementers and innovators.  Whether installing smart thermostats for a demand response campaigns, or reducing KwH through comprehensive home energy assessments, Threshold seamlessly guides programs from marketing, through acquisition and installation.

Our team members have spent thousands of hours talking to your residential and SMB customers and understanding their needs. We have learned it is not enough to simply promote and install.  Customers must understand the purpose of the program before understanding the benefits, they not only need a strong grasp of how the program works, but also a working knowledge of how to control and leverage the often complex technologies that accompany programs.

The process needs to be simple.  Although self install is the intended vision of the utility when it comes to deploying smart thermostats, the majority of the population has very little desire or skill set to attempt the install on their own.  People want to be assisted with home automation product installs.   Threshold takes the vision, combines the education with the install, sets expectations and creates a better user experience for the customer.

Threshold’s unique, customer-centric approach synergizes acquisition and installation.  Through attentive stewardship, meticulous backlog management, efficient customer installation and customer education - Threshold has achieved industry leading customer satisfaction statistics and installation percentages.



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What We Do . . .


Whether installing a smart thermostat for a DR campaign, or performing a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment, our technicians not only have the technical know-how, but also take time to educate the customer, making sure they have a full working knowledge of the technology. 

Smart home integration

Smart Home’s potential to unify major appliances and leverage the Home as a whole is a game changer.  Threshold is at the nexus of emerging technologies and logistical know-how, efficiently installing cutting edge technologies and helping customers realize their homes’ true potential.

Residential Canvassing

Face-to-Face contact is the most effective way to engage customers and explain complex ideas. Threshold representatives customize messaging for each encounter to ensure maximum understanding of features while offering the convenience of real time enrollment and scheduling.

Digital & Telemarketing

Threshold’s marketing efforts incorporate both extensive market research and logistics. Our telemarketing and email campaigns are strategically executed to achieve an efficient implementation and messaged specifically to target the demographic you most want to connect.

SMB Canvassing

Small business owners are busy and difficult to connect with.  Because they need to make every dollar count, they are also your perfect customer.  Threshold forges relationships with SMB customers, customize messaging for their unique needs and articulate the value to their bottom line.

Professional Fundraising

"Sustainable donors through a sustainable approach" is the mantra of our Professional Fundraising team.  Whether a door-to-door campaign, or street canvassing - Threshold fundraising employs equal parts strategy and passion.  Visit us at thresholdgiving.com


Vision without execution is hallucination
— Thomas Edison


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